Daoist Discussion (by donation)

This class is taught by:

LaoShih Holly Kelty

What began with Tai Chi has expanded to include various Daoist teachings such as Qigong (internal energy work), Meditation and healing arts. I have experienced many positive changes through my exploration of Daoism. I now look at things from different perspectives, leave myself open to new ideas and listen within for the answers. As a being I have become gentler, more observant and have greater control over my emotions. I have greater flexibility, increased vitality and a bit of grace. I'm also blessed to have the support of my family who witnessed my process firsthand. We've grown much closer by navigating difficult situations with positive attitudes.

Email: laoshih.holly@gmail.com; Facebook: LaoShih Holly
Join LaoShih Holly to discuss concepts of the Daoist way of life. The Dao Te Ching, Art of War, Five Elements, and various Daoist life stories are on the schedule. Holly will also present highlights of her upcoming workshops.