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LaoShih Holly Kelty

While my journey began with TaiChi, it has expanded to a vast repertoire of Daoist teachings. This includes Qigong (internal energy work), Five Elements, and a variety of Shamanic Studies. I have experienced many positive changes through my exploration of Daoism. I now look at things from different perspectives, leave myself open to new ideas and listen within for the answers. 

As a being I have become gentler, more observant and have greater control over my emotions. I have greater flexibility, increased vitality and a bit of grace. I'm also blessed to have the support of my family who witnessed my process firsthand. We've grown much closer by navigating difficult situations with positive attitudes.

Email:; Facebook: LaoShih Holly

LaoShih Holly Kelty instructs the following:
  • Internal Cultivation Qigong
  • Work on various forms of Daoist Alchemy from Mt. Emei traditions:
    • Shamanic Shaking
    • Opening & Closing Exercises
    • TuGuNaXin
    • Five Elements Qigong

  • 24-Movement TaiChi
  • Prerequisite: Ability to lead 10-Movement TaiChi.
    Expect deeper stances, more details, new movements, and breath work. LaoShih Holly will help you understand the more subtle details of TaiChi transitions.

  • 10-Step TaiChi
  • This class begins with standing warm-ups. TaiChi movements are taught one at a time and are repeated several times. Instruction includes details as well as just following. All questions welcome! No prerequisite.

  • IMMERSION: Shamanic Tiger
  • Shamanic practices connect physical life to the spirit. To carry these healing practices into society, ascetic monks developed doctrines and practices to encourage simplistic living. The focus was on mental and physical strength, and ensuring vitality into old age. Often called Shamanic Qigong, these practices encourage us to feel the flow of energy through the body to facilitate self-healing and long life.
    These Shamanic Studies are a direct representation of lineage holder Master Zhongxian Wu. As one of few Certified Practitioners, LaoShih Holly's Immersion Studies (90 minutes) goes deep into these practices. (You do not need to attend all sessions.) 
    Benefits of Shamanic Tiger (LaoHu Gong):

    * Movements align with your 24-hour cycle
    * Improve respiratory and immune responses
    * Manifest strength and flexibility of the Tiger

    Drop-in/Single: $35
    12-Pack: $300 ($25 each)
    SATURDAY PARKING: FREE 2-hour street parking 
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