Free Community Meditation & TaiChi

Teacher and students share why they practice Meditation and TaiChi. A brief demo at the end.

LaoShih Holly Interview

LaoShih Holly explains her passion for teaching and practicing Meditation and TaiChi.

Fusion Bellydance Interview with Nicole Yvonne from Jade Lady Meditation on Vimeo.

Fusion Bellydance Interview with Nicole Yvonne

Nicole explains the origins of this dance form and talks about her teaching style.

Laura Lightfoot Interview from Jade Lady Meditation on Vimeo.

Smiling Heart Qigong with Laura

Note how Laura stays calm & focused with construction noises in the background.

Practitioner Highlight - LaoShih Holly

Focus on Practitioner Cultivate Change by LaoShih Holly This stagnation would manifest through outbursts of anger, with my children bearing the brunt of my frustration. I recall many tense car rides to and from school where I ranted about how they weren't helping out with the family, and how everything would run smoother if they would just do as they were told. We often strike out at those who are closest to us; deep down we believe that they will understand the pressures we are under and forgive more quickly. My morning 'pep' talks weren't helping anyone and it's safe to say none of us had a great start to our day. I asked my son if he remembered those times. He smiled at me and said in his grown-up voice, "Mom, let's not go there."... Read More

Lao Shih Holly - Qigong Clearing

Breathe with Lao Shih Holly for just three minutes of Qigong. Inhale as she draws her hands toward center and exhale on the extension. How do you feel?

Connecting Breath to the Body

Grace is a quality that tends to inspire us. The graceful dancer or slow gestures of a monk resound with deliberate smoothness. Read More

Cultivating the 4-part Breath

You may not realize that your breath has four parts. The more you give awareness to these parts, the more they develop. The parts are: > Inhale > Pause > Exhale > Pause Read More

Breathing with a Quiet Chest

When we think about taking a deep breath we tend to visualize the chest expanding. But what happens if we keep the chest quiet? Instead of allowing the chest to rise, allow the belly to rise instead. What did you feel? Did you cough? Long-term “shallow” breathing causes the lower lobes of the lungs to atrophy. So when we attempt to fully inflate the lungs we may have a reflexive cough. By allowing the belly to expand instead of the chest, the lungs have room to fully expand. Read More