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Heather Russell - AromaDance Therapy Instructor


Aroma Therapy classes help you to understand the sourcing and the application of doTerra Essential Oils. Heather's favorite classes are "Make & Take" ... So that means each class session includes a roller bottle blend that you create and take with you!

Monthly Thursday Classes: Chakra Series - Study and select 3 oils to create your special blend. This series last 7 weeks (7 chakras) and then repeats.

  • March 2018: Throat Chakra
  • April 2018: Third Eye Chakra
  • May 2018: Crown Chakra
  • NEW! Saturday Classes: Make & Take Perfume

Heather Russell is a doTerra Wellness Advocate and a small business owner in Midtown Anchorage. Her shop, Elements, carries doTerra oils, accessories, jewelry, yoga clothing and other items that are all "Good for the Soul". Heather offers doTerra education classes that allow participants to play with these pure essential oils. As an avid consultant, she has a great deal of knowledge about the doTerra brand including the sourcing of these precious resources. Heather loves to share and create blends for motivation, passion, and inspiration.

Contact Heather at: 907-227-7848


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