Medical Sponsorship Program

Jade Lady Meditation is currently offering Medical Sponsorships. We know easing the burden of fear and anxiety can be extremely supportive to the healing process. Therefore, we are offering selected practitioners a significant price reduction. Once you purchase a package, you can offer patients a few classes or workshops to help manage the stress of medical challenges. Patients can choose from any of our offerings in Meditation, Qigong, or TaiChi. The Jade Lady Medical Sponsorship “Pilot Program” will offer the following rates through November 30, 2017:  

Program Class & Workshop
Annual Rate
(one payment)
Monthly Rate
(12 payments)
Annual Rate
Compare To Our
Lowest Prices
Gold Level 100 classes
20 2-hr workshops
$ 1065.00 $95/mo $7.50 per class
$15.75 per workshop
$12.50 per class
$35.00 per workshop
Silver Level 50 classes
10 2-hr workshops
$   615.00 $56/mo $8.75 per class
$17.75 per workshop


How The Medical Sponsorship Program Works    

  • Once you purchase a Program Level, Jade Lady will assign the corresponding amount of classes and workshops to your company account.

  • To enroll patients, call or email Jade Lady with patient name(s) and phone number(s) and we will call them to confirm their enrollment.

  • We recommend offering 4 classes or 2 workshops per patient to help them through stress-related challenges.

  • Each month, Jade Lady will email a report showing all patient visits and a balance of your classes and workshops. 

  • ENROLLMENT: This web page as well as the pricing options above (Gold Level & Silver Level) are not available to the general public. To select these pricing options, you must enter your user name and password. Sample enrollment screen: ENROLLMENT SCREEN. Click here to enroll: LIVE ENROLLMENT LINK

How TaiChi, Meditation, Qigong & AromaDance Therapy Assist the Healing Process

Creating a Mind-Body Connection

Clients learn to coordinate physical movement with their breathing, which deepens the breath and helps everyday movement become more fluid. Giving the brain several things to coordinate at one time (breath, posture, movement, visualizations), keeps the mind connected to the moment, interrupting stressful thoughts of past or future events.

Releasing Toxic Emotions

Negative thinking often produces a negative outlook on life. Mind-body exercise helps create optimistic thinking and feelings of empowerment. Encouraging patients to become part of a community that is committed to mind-body work, helps them disconnect from current lifestyle patterns that induce stress.

Lessening Anxiety & Depression

For therapies that incite a drop in neurotransmitter levels, patients can experience a series of anxious or depressive moods. Regular practice of mind-body exercise helps the brain identify and alter thoughts and emotions. Since mind-body exercise slowly elevates low neurotransmitter levels, the brain experiences a subtle way to reduce anxiety and depression.

Jade Lady Teachings

The arts taught at Jade Lady Meditation are rooted in Ancient practices. They coordinate left and right brain activity, bring flexibility to the body, oxygenate the brain and the body, and develop situational awareness. Since the brain uses a lot of oxygen, cultivating breath invigorates the mind. Clear thinking, improved memory, and enhanced problem solving is usually noticed within a few weeks of regular practice. By increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and body, these arts also reduce chronic pain and enhance recovery from illness or surgery. 

  Typical Physical Benefits   Typical Mental Benefits
  • Activates core muscles
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves pulse rate
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relaxes back and spine
  • Increases bone density
  • Aids joint and muscle flexibility 
  • Enhances immune system response
  • Reduced aches and pains enhance enthusiasm for activity and travel
  • Improved sleep leads to better interactions with friends and colleagues
  • Clear thinking helps identify issues and workable solutions 
  • A flexible body creates flexible, collaborative thinking
  • Improved judgment increases self-esteem and inner beauty



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