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Plum Blossom - Design

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As a doTerra distributor, we encourage healthy living through the use of pure essential oils. Click 'shop now' to view and select from this wonderful line of products. Items are shipped directly to your home. Or, you can come visit us and buy from Plum Blossom.

Plum Blossom Items - Come visit us!

  • Gears & Keys
    Wire wrapped key necklaces & gear errings
  • Stone Jewelry_copy
    Stone jewelry
  • Cain & Revital DVDs_copy
    Cain & Revital DVDs and Mudra cards
  • Master Wu Videos_copy1
    Master Wu Zhongxian DVDs
  • Master Wu books & cd_copy1
    Master Wu Zhongxian book and music
  • Mudra Posters
    Yoga and Odissi Temple Dance mudra posters

  • DoubleCircleFront
    Jade Lady Double Circle Wrap

  • Jade Lady Wrap with Fringe
  • LaceBox
    Mad Monk Scroll Cut Box
  • Sticks
    Mad Monk Carved Canes & Sticks

  • Buddha, Parrot
    Mad Monk Carved Buddha and Parrot
  • Doterra Double Display
    doTerra Oils and Blends

  • Mens JD Shirts
    Jade Dragon Mens Shirts

  • Womens JD Shirts
    Jade Dragon Women's Shirts
  • PuerTeas
    Collection of Puer and other unique teas
  • Triloka Incense Palo Santo
    Triloka Incense and Palo Santo