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Jade Lady Private & Classroom Rentals

  • Rooms are rented per hour
  • Typical schedule is 45 minutes with a 15-minute transition (negotiable)
  • Front desk check-in, flyers, and promotions available
  • Call to schedule: 907-562-2863

CLASSROOM (Size: 30x22)

Wood floor; heater and fan; humidifier, 8-10 chairs

$55 per hour; 8+ hours/month: $45 per hour; Full day (8 hours): $300



PRIVATE ROOM (Size: 9x12)

Wood floor; curtains and shades; in wall heater

$45 per hour; 10+ hours/month: $35 per hour; Full day (8 hours) $250

PrivateRoom1_sm  PrivateRoom2_sm