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PFD Specials @ $160


> Corporate Sessions

   2 Pre-meeting Relaxation Sessions

> Personal Sampler

  1 Private, 2 Immersion (90 min), 2 Classes

> Private Session Special

  3 Private or Semi-Private Sessions

> Weekly Classes Special

  12 Weekly Classes (TaiChi or Qigong)


PFD Specials



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  • Qigong Teacher Certification (Spring or Fall)
  • TaiChi Teacher Certification (begin at anytime)
  • Also classes, private sessions, and products







TaiChi Teacher Certification

>  80 hrs TaiChi Classes or Immersion Studies
>  20 hrs Qigong Classes or Immersion Studies
>  24 hrs 6 4-hr Intensives (or sold separately below)
>  12 hrs Private Sessions
>    9 hrs Student Teaching
   145 hrs


> Increase flexibility & balance
> Develop good form & posture
> Make appropriate corrections
> Demonstrate postures
> Work with limited abilities




This program is 6-12 months, depending on pace and attendance. Save $250 with the Total TaiChi Teacher Package, or purchase ala carte. (Ongoing students, ask about transferring class hours.) Start Anytime! More details.


TaiChi Teacher Training


Private/Semi-Private Study

Learn at your own pace! Feel free to bring a friend to share the experience. Prior to purchase, contact DaoShima 907-562-2863,  


Private Study

Qigong Teacher Certification

20 hrs, Sat/Sun, 2:30-4:30pm

10 hrs Qigong Classes (4 classes M/W/F)
30 hrs total
Sept 22 - Oct 28 (NO CLASS: 9/30 & 10/6
Make a deposit - Save your space! 
Limited to 8 participants

> Increase stamina          

> Build mental focus

> Lead/instruct class        

> Answer questions

> Demonstrate postures   

> Work with limited abilities

> More details




Registration Packet - Complete last page and email to or mail to: Jade Lady Meditation, 508 West 2nd Ave, Suite 103, Anchorage, AK 99501. 


Make payment below or in person (our suite faces E Street). Deposit due 10 days prior to first session. For payment plan, call us at 907-562-2863. More details.


Qigong Teacher Training


Class Packages For Ongoing Weekly Classes

Ongoing class sessions occur weekly with sessions in the early morning, mid-afternoon, and early evening. Clients with 10 or 20-session packages may share sessions with friends and family. They also may use two sessions for Saturday Immersion Studies. These 90-minute sessions occur in the mid-morning and early afternoon. Check the schedule for details. View Schedule


TaiChi or Qigong Classes