IMMERSION: Qigong Techniques

This class is taught by:

DaoShima Susan

Lessons in life have taught me how to negotiate the business world but not to dwell there, to incorporate efficiency without giving up the joy of discovering a new way, and to be fiscally conservative without being stingy.
I now make choices that support my best interests as well as the interests of my community. My pleasures are designing interesting and functional clothing, creating flavorful organic foods and, of course, teaching TaiChi and Qigong. 
Experience a profound moving meditation where you connect breath, visuals, and movement. Work within your own strength and capacity. From deep stances to using a chair, all abilities gain a sense of accomplishment.
For the past 20 years, DaoShima has worked to create modifications that make this relaxing exercise available to a wide range of abilities. Participants are encouraged to asked questions.
Drop-in: $35 or 2 sessions from your class package. (Call us to enroll with your class package: 907-562-2863.)
FREE 2-hr Street Parking every Saturday or $1.25/hr in the Saturday Market lot across the street