WORKSHOP: TaiChi Principles

This class is taught by:

DaoShima Susan

Lessons in life have taught me how to negotiate the business world but not to dwell there, to incorporate efficiency without giving up the joy of discovering a new way, and to be fiscally conservative without being stingy.
I now make choices that support my best interests as well as the interests of my community. My pleasures are designing interesting and functional clothing, creating flavorful organic foods and, of course, teaching TaiChi and Qigong. 
TaiChi is not for everyone. If you want to relax, I highly recommend Qigong Meditation. But if you really want to learn TaiChi, begin with the principles and take your time learning good posture. Approached in this manner, TaiChi will give you years of pleasure and peace-of-mind.
Workshops are a great place to begin and continue improvements in your form as time goes on.
Drop-in: $45

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