TaiChi for Arthritis (Qigong for Arthritis starts 8/16)

This class is taught by:

Lynn Pillion

Lynn began studying TaiChi in the late 1980s. After several years of study she eventually moved on to other pursuits. In 2014, after recovering from serious health issues, she returned to her TaiChi practice, focusing on Yang-style and Sun-style TaiChi, as well as Qigong, with both local and international teachers.


Lynn is certified to teach several rehabilitative TaiChi forms through Dr. Paul Lam’s International TaiChi for Health. She is also certified in Qigong instruction. She currently teaches at four locations, providing instruction and encouragement on how to build strength, grace, and health for people of all ages and abilities.


Lynn and her husband are busy living happily ever after with their sweet dog Tootie from Kathmandu.

Join us to learn this graceful and strong practice over the next several weeks. Based on Sun-style, Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention is an evidenced-based form that lifts mood, improves concentration, strengthens our bodies, relieves arthritis symptoms, and dramatically reduces the chance of falls.
Recommended for all ages.
Endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation, National Council on Aging (NCOA), and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC&P).
Instructor Lynn Pillion is certified to teach this evidence-based course through Dr. Paul Lam. Call Lynn if you have questions: 907-854-6622