Cultivating the 4-part Breath

You may not realize that your breath has four parts. The more you give awareness to these parts, the more they develop.

The parts are:
> Inhale
> Pause
> Exhale
> Pause

Take a moment to listen to your breath. Notice how the body has a natural hesitation at the end of the inhale and again at the end of the exhale? The more conscious awareness you give to these pauses, the longer they become.

Increasing the length of these natural pauses often releases physical tension and emotional stress, and promotes new mind-body pathways for solving problems.

StandingPosture  SeatedPosture
Figure 1 – Seated posture with simple hand pose
Figure 2 – Standing posture with a ‘flat’ back

For sitting, try placing the feet shoulder’s width apart and sitting on the edge of the chair so your back is flat. You may add a simple hand posture if you wish or just rest the hands in your lap.

For standing, the feet are also shoulder’s width apart with the arms hanging freely from the shoulder joint. Feel the weight of the arms in your hands and flatten the back to the degree that’s comfortable.

Then observe the breath … looking for the pauses.

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