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Jitka Storm - Qigong Instructor

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Warm Greetings to you,

The lure of The Last Frontier brought me to Alaska. I cherish the great vistas and clear air. My exercise routine brings me renewed energy and feelings of connection, especially when I practice during Alaska’s endless sunsets. Diverse situations, life challenges and extensive travel provided me with unique opportunities to learn from exceptional teachers. My current philosophy is: Do no harm. Transform conflict into a growth adventure. Share and apply knowledge so others experience less pain and more harmony.

Let’s cultivate health and peace together by sharing our space, time and vital energy.

Jitka Storm
Fitness Instructor
Certified Qigong Teacher
International Travel Guide
Czech-Alaska Society President

Qigong Meditation: Protect-Prevent-Heal
Mondays 6:00-6:45 pm
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