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Meetings & Retreats


Kick-off a meeting in style!

Onsite Meditation/Relaxation Session, 50 minutes (up to 12 persons): $95


Schedule a Retreat

Available Monday-Friday, 8:30-11:30am, 3 hours (up to 12 persons*): $350


*Larger group rates available

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The Jade Lady Focus

The practice of coordinating breath with slow-motion movement develops concentration and awareness. In group practice, we cultivate breath with slow movement to enhance non-verbal communication skills.


TaiChi Retreats




TaiChi reveals how we learn AND how we communicate. Understanding the learning process is very helpful. Some things take time to learn. Other things may require quiet meditation or maybe physical interaction. Knowing how you learn reduces frustration and creates compassion with the learning of others. There is no right or wrong. By 'playing' TaiChi we 'learn' to coordinate efforts in order to move in unison. This process helps us create rapport and a desire to excel within a team.   




Qigong Retreats

JadeLady-25_smIn a fast-paced world we collect an inordinate amount of information. Much like a computer hard drive, it's helpful to purge the old to make room for the new. By mentally connecting to breath, imprints stored in the mind-body can be released. This practice helps us begin each day with a clean slate and a keen awareness of would-be stressors. Acknowledging and releasing stress in the moment frees the mind. This results in greater mental clarity and the ability to solve problems.   



Wellness Program

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For a nominal fee, employees receive a discount on classes and private sessions. Our teaching content is tailored to those in attendance so each client receives personal attention. In addition, our practitioners are experienced at working with all abilities, from athletes to persons with restrictions. 



Energize and De-Stress

The arts taught at Jade Lady are rooted in Ancient practices. They coordinate left and right brain activity, bring flexibility to the body, oxygenate the brain and body, and develop situational awareness.

Enhancing Memory & Decision Making

Since the brain uses a lot of oxygen, cultivating breath invigorates the mind. Clear thinking, improved memory and enhanced problem solving is usually noticed within a few weeks of regular practice.

Reduce Aches and Enhance Healing

By increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and body, these arts are excellent for reducing annoying, chronic pain and lessening the time to recover from illness or surgery. Cultivated postures, done standing or sitting, help optimize body linkage, allowing for greater balance, blood circulation, and free-flowing movement.


Typical Physical Benefits 

  • Activate core muscles
  • Increase circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relax back, spine & neck
  • Improve joint and muscle flexibility 
  • Increase bone density
  • Depending on pace, provide a cardio workout
  • Improve pulse rate
  • Enhance immune system   

Typical Mental Benefits

  • Reduced aches & pains
  • Enthusiasm for activity & travel 
  • Improved sleep creates stronger interactions with colleagues
  • Enhanced thinking helps identify issues and workable solutions 
  • Creating a flexible body creates flexible, collaborative thinking
  • Improving balance and mental focus increases self-esteem and the desire to contribute to team efforts